Monday, October 02, 2006



News has been flying for the last few days and it just keeps getting worse and worse, both on a political level for the GOP and on a personal level as we seem to be getting more and more glimpses into the mind of a sexual predator.
The latest is that Foley apparently attempted to meet with one of the boys, which is sort of a big deal. Why? From ABC: "Federal law enforcement officials say attempts by Foley to meet in person could constitute the necessary evidence for a federal charge of "soliciting for sex" with a minor on the Internet. "
Here is some of the inappropriate exchanges from the latest instant messages released. (Foley's handle is Maf54):

Maf54: I miss you lots since san diego.
Teen: ya I cant wait til dc
Maf54: :)
Teen: did you pick a night for dinner
Maf54: not yet…but likely Friday
Teen: ok…ill plan for Friday then
Maf54: that will be fun

The messages also show the teen is, at times, uncomfortable with Foley's aggressive approach.

Maf54: I want to see you
Teen: Like I said not til feb…then we will go to dinner
Maf54: and then what happens
Teen: we eat…we drink…who knows…hang out…late into the night
Maf54: and
Teen: I dunno
Maf54: dunno what
Teen: hmmm I have the feeling that you are fishing here…im not sure what I would be comfortable with…well see

Of course, this stuff is relatively tame compared to his conversations regarding masturbation techniques with an underage boy, but it does not make them any less frightening. And the GOP leadership knew that this sort of thing was happening. Apparently they were only hoping to keep things quiet. After all, power is everything to them and they will say and do whatever is necessary in order to retain that power. Even if it means protecting a sexual predator like Foley.

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