Wednesday, October 25, 2006


So, it's done. I took the GRE this morning. I almost didn't because I was terribly late thanks to a flat tire. Of all the times when I didn't need a flat tire, this was one of the top ones. Still, I made it to the testing center about 20 minutes late and they got me all set up.
The two essays came first and they went well, I suppose. They didn't exactly present a strain on me, but given that I was already stressed out from being late, they were probably a bit more challenging then they otherwise would have been. These scores will be mailed to me in the near future. They are graded 1-6 with six being the highest score. I would expect that I probably scored "5's" on them.
After that was the verbal which I didn't score as well on as I thought I might. I got a 620, which is still a fairly solid number (in the 87th percentile) though I was definitely striving for better. I immensely dislike reading comprehension questions given the amount of time they take to answer and at one point, the test hit me with five in a row. The test is timed and I was already feeling a time crunch since I was nearing the end of the section, so it definitely affected my ablility to concentrate.
On the math section, I was pleasantly surprised. As I was instructed from my study aides, I spent much time working the first five-eight questions to make certain that I got them correct, but I unfortunately overbudgeted my time on them since I basically had to guess the final five answers as I ran out of time. I hit the last answer with two seconds to spare so I did next to nothing as far as actual work on them. Still, I amazed the hell out of myself by scoring a 600, which is higher than any of my practice tests would indicate I was capable of.
Anyway, I'm just glad that's done. Now I can actually get back into the swing of things around here and we work our way to the election in 13 days. Wow, 13 days and America could be a much different place from the hell of the last six years. I'm looking forward to it.

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