Saturday, October 21, 2006


We blame George W. Bush for many things. We blame him for entering us into a disasterous war for no good reason and complete ineptitude in the prosecution of the war. We blame him for fearmongering, lying to the country, subverting the Constitution. And these are just the tip of an enormous iceberg, dangerous enough to sink our country just as assuredly as the Titanic. Oh, we blame him for so many things, and all deservedly so.

We just don't blame him enough.

His actions have not only endangered American lives, he is responsible for endangering the entire world. I think the current relative silence from the leaders of all the other countries speaks volumes. I dare say that they are sitting and gaping, knees weak and jaws dropping. They know not what to say or do for fear of the reaction of a reckless commander in chief of the most powerful military in the world who has a publicly stated policy of preemptive military option and is so obviously out of touch with reality. After all, when Bush declared Iran, Iraq and North Korea the "axis of evil" in January 2002, they expressed their dismay and deep concern (total batshit freakout), and what good did it get them? In May 2002, it got Cuba, Libya, and Syria added to the list. Maybe the administration saw this but chickened out on China.

We need to do something which has our President and Cabinet have apparently never considered. We need to put ourselves in the shoes of the rest of the world.

Putting personalities and past actions aside for the moment, imagine you are the leaders of Iran, North Korea, Iraq, Cuba, Libya, and Syria. Now, you know that you are third, or fourth tier nations in the pecking order of things. You may have been up to some mischief, may have been supporting some really bad guys who ended up doing a very, very bad thing, but they had their own agenda and weren't representing you or your country. Now, suddenly, the sole occupant of the First Tier of nations who can turn your country and all of your people into dust, has just virtually declared war on you.

What would you do? If you're Libya, you might totally cave. If Iraq, you let the UN in and show you have no IMD's. Syria, you send diplomats double-time quick. Cuba? Well, you sit down and have a nice cigar because you know that squat's likely to happen because you've been playing this game for decades.

If you're North Korea, you cry out to the world that you've just had war declared upon you by the Biggest Big Daddy (batshit freak out ) and you start begging Big Daddy to just come, sit down and talk awhile. You need so many things and Daddy has so much, you're sure something could be worked out. Only, Big Daddy sticks his nose up in the air and turns his back on you.

As Iran, you know you're sitting on the most important thing in the world to #1 and #1 hasn't deigned to talk to you in decades.

You watch as the most powerful nation in the world invades the weakest of the sextus of evil, despite having shown to all eyes and ears that were paying attention, that they had no IMD's and were not a threat.

So, what do you do if you are North Korea and Iran? Sure, you could turn your country over to Big Daddy and let him rape your natural resources and rule your country by proxy, but that doesn't look appealing.

What do you do? What do you do? What is the one thing you could do to get Big Daddy to pay attention and focus the rest of the world on your situation enough to involve themselves?

I think we all know the answer to that question. Unless this administration is even more criminally ignorant and careless than we think they are, they knew, too. And, now have no real clue as to what to do about it.

For a telling analysis of this situation, check out "The Axis of Evil Goes Nuclear" by William Montgomery, October 18, 2006, out of Serbia and Montenegro, no less. "One of the first rules of parenting is to never make a promise, threat, or commitment to your children, which you are not prepared to fulfill. If you lose their trust in what you say, you will never get it back and your ability to influence their behavior, for better or worse, will be significantly diminished."

The only conclusion we can draw is that the world is in the present situation of dealing with a nuclear threat from the two most radically dangerous nations who have been purposefully backed into a corner, solely due to the actions of our President.

The nations of the world are in dire and grievious danger because of the United States of America.

Now, if you were China, Russia, France, Germany, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc., what would you do? I dare say, once you pick up your asses from off the floor where you've slid to in utter dismay and shock, you might consider talking amongst yourselves.

The United States of America is in dire and grievious danger because of George W. Bush. That is what he should be blamed for and nothing less.

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