Friday, November 24, 2006


I personally will rarely link-pimp as I'd rather have those fortunate souls who have find America's Least Wanted to actually stick and around and read stuff here. That being said, Glenn Greenwald has an excellent analysis of the GOP game of blaming violence on Iraq on the terrorists' desire to influence the elections here. Not simply wanted to spoil the ending, I encourage people to go check him out, but for those not so inclinded, his conclusion:

So, to recap: when insurgents engage in violence before the elections, that's the fault of Democrats because it's done to help them win (and credit to Republicans because it shows how tough they are on The Terrorists). When the insurgents engage in violence after the elections, that's also the fault of Democrats because they are excited by the Democrats' success (and credit to Republicans because Republicans want to stay forever, which makes the insurgents sad and listless). And when there is no violence, all credit to Republicans because it shows how great their war plan is.

Put another way, no matter what happens in Iraq (violence increases, violence decreases), and no matter when it happens (before the election, after the election), it is the fault of Democrats and it reflects well on the Republicans. Isn't it fair to say that that's the very definition of the mindset of a cultist?

What an interesting world it must be for a koolaid-drinking believer.

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