Monday, November 06, 2006



I would just have to wonder if George isn't sniffing his armpits to check if he stinks or something. After all, he planned a special trip to Florida just to help the Republican gubernatorial candidate, Charlie Crist. Now, Crist wants nothing to do with him.

In a race that is much closer than many people would have figured it would be, and that includes me as I get some political ad spillover from Pensacola where I live. I believe that I may have seen one ad for Jim Davis, the Dem candidate in the last few weeks, but it's a daily occurence to see a Crist ad. (Of course, this may be a function of prudent ad buying as the northwest area of Florida is known for its conservative leanings and perhaps Davis feels that his money could be better spent in other parts of the state.) Anyway, some polls now have Davis within a few percentage points of Crist and that has to be making the state GOP nervous. So now might be a good time to bring in the Big Dog, right? Um, no. Not if that big dog is a president who is mired in the 30s in his approval ratings and has a an intensely unpopular war (of his own making) hanging around his neck. If that's the big dog, then you blow that big dog off, and that's exactly what Crist did on Sunday.
Pertinent details courtesy of Americablog:

Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist decided Sunday to skip an appearance with President Bush in favor of crisscrossing the state in the final hours before Election Day.

The White House, however, said this week that the president was heading to Florida specifically to help Mr. Crist, who, according to Tony Fratto, a White House spokesman, invited Mr. Bush in the first place.

Awww, where's the love for George? It ain't coming from Crist, that's for sure.

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