Thursday, November 16, 2006


This past Sunday I commented on Saturday Night Live using its cold open on a wonderful Nancy Pelosi skit. (I checked YouTube throughout the week for it, but NBC pulled all the videos due to copyrights and they have not posted it on their website, which is a shame, because it's a funny skit. The best I can do at this point is to direct you towards a transcript of the skit; better than nothing, I suppose) I reproduce my original post on the topic below:

Last night, Saturday Night Live did its part in recognizing the new world order now dawning in Washington. After years of tired John Kerry and Al Gore jokes, the show hit one out of the park with it's cold open featuring Kristen Wiig as Nancy Pelosi. As soon as I can find a video or link, I'll put it up, but it's basically a worst-case-scenario as far as the conservative fears over Pelosi becoming House Speaker as she brings her "San Francisco values" to the position two heartbeats from the presidency. The skit featured an excellent impression of Pelosi by Wiig and a leather-clad office assistant (in a role Will Forte should do more of because his Bush impression is nothing short of painful to watch most times) accompanied by his human ashtray.

About the only non-funny thing about it was the fact that some lonely conservative voter sitting home alone Saturday night turned to his dog and said, "Yep, that's what them dern Democrats have unleashed upon the U S of A. Bastards!"

One thing you should know about me - I never ever get tired of being proven right, and boy was I right about that last sentence. So right, that there's an entire message board full of people who continue to prove my point that the right does not have a sense of humor.

Courtesy of our buddies on the right, I bring you comments from Free Republic:

- Hilarious. SNL finally got one right for a change.

- Hilarious and true. SNL finally got one right for a change. I hope the DUmmies have seen this.

- Too funny....sadly too true

- That *POP* sound is that of heads exploding over on DU. SNL gets everyone. Now it's their turn! =D

- This is a must view skit to see what is probably the next Speaker of the House. SNL hit one out of the ballpark!

- Thanks, that's great! SNL does on occasion make fun of Dems, unlike The Daily Show.

- Thanks, I sure believe You and am fearful for what America will experience in the next hopefully only two years. Everyone should check this out. Its scary!!!!!!!

Um, Freepers, I'm not sure how to break this to you gently, so I'm just going to come out and say it - this skit was not making fun of Democrats or Nancy Pelosi. This skit was making fun of people like you who actually believe number one, that there is such a concept as evil "San Francisco values" and number two, that these values would lead to a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah in Washington now that Pelosi is House Speaker. The fact that you all didn't get that the joke is on you leads me to believe that either you really are as mind-numbingly stupid oblivious as most people believe you to be or that you all are in such a state of denial that you cannot comprehend satire at its most basic level. I'll hedge my bets and assume that it's an unhealthy combination of both. I blogged about it earlier this week how the right seems to have some sort of affliction that does not allow it to comprehend humor when it is aimed squarely at them; this is simply further corroborating evidence of this phenomenon.

Oh, and I mentioned before that the video was pulled by NBC as the skit being broadcast around YouTube is a no-no because the content was used without permission. Fair enough; it's their stuff, they have a right to control it as they see fit. I don't agree with it because I think it's like free advertising, but it's their stuff. However, to the Freepers, it's all a big conspiracy:

- Oh yea, NBC want's it pulled cuz it slams a dem. Have they EVER had one pulled that slammed a conservative?

- This video has been removed at the request of copyright owner NBC Universal because its content was used without permission slams a Democrat

Freeperland is a scary scary place. Enter at your own risk, but be forewarned, your IQ may drop by double digits for every moment you spend there. Extensive exposure may result in drooling and unhealthy Bush worshipping.

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Logipundit said...

You know the skit is pretty funny, and you're right about one thing...the Freepers are a little clueless...but I think the skit shows something else, too, and that is the writers at SNL really don't get it either.

Most intelligent conservatives (and believe it or not there are lots of those) don't like Nancy Pelosi because she simply doesn't look at the role of government the same way, not because they think she'll bring a team of S&Mers to the Capital...

come to think of it...that would be interesting to see.

But anyway...Nancy Pelosi is a political liberal in every sense of the word, not just socially but economically, legally, in simply every way, and someone with a conservative view should know that her agenda is not their agenda...and some of the conservative Democrats that the party used to gain power are going to soon find that out.