Sunday, November 19, 2006

HACK - Chris Wallace

Chris Wallace had Senator John Kerry in studio today and felt it necessary to spend the vast bulk of the interview badgering Kerry on his supposed botched joke (C&L has the video).

Much like Wallace did several weeks ago when he interviewed President Clinton and sandbagged him the whole way, he utilized all manner of straw man arguments and other nonsense to pummel Kerry over something he apologized for weeks ago. Over and over, Wallace demonstrated a tenacious streak that would serve him and the country well if he would instead direct at it those in power who have gotten us into the Iraq quagmire rather than on a senator taking a potshot at Bush.

I'm not sure how much clearer Kerry could have been in his responses. His joke was never an insult to the troops; he took himself out of campaigning of his own volition and not at the request of colleagues; and people don't care about this as it's in the past, and the American people want to look forward and to changing the direction of the country.

Chris continued his attack, using out of context video that Kerry immediately called him on. He then again stressed that the American people voted for change, yet that did not dissuade Wallace from again beating the dead horse of a joke. It's like Kerry could have flagellated himself on national television in penance over the remark and Wallace still would have continued harping on it. A reminder - this "botched joke" happened three weeks, one election and two Democratic chamber takeovers ago. Wallace's inability to let it go is an example of a pre-November 7th mindset. Americans have moved on, Wallace would benefit from doing the same.

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