Thursday, November 09, 2006



A man who has confessed to dealing with repression issues for much of his life and was exposed allegedly soliciting sex and purchasing methanphedemines from a male prostitute has decided to do something about it.

He's going to supress it some more. From a local television station:

There will be prayer, and perhaps the laying on of hands. There will be counseling and a confession. And there will be advice, confrontation and rebuke from "godly men" appointed to oversee the spiritual "restoration" of the Rev. Ted Haggard.

After tumbling from the pinnacle of the American evangelical movement amid allegations he snorted meth and cavorted with a male prostitute, Haggard has agreed to a rehabilitation process that could last three to five years.

So a guy who has failed in suppressing his true nature just needs to work harder and pray in order to solve his problem. Instead of embracing himself the way God "created" him, he instead wishes to deny himself. What a healthy lifestyle that must be. I'm not saying he should journey to the next Southern Decadence, but living your life going from one level of denial to an even greater one isn't going to solve the core issue he faces. And even after this long term "rehabilitation" process, will anyone be able to look at him as he preaches on the evils of homosexuality without going, "Yeah, okay."
Good luck with that, Ted.

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