Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Watching some early exit polls (no candidate results, just voter views) on CNN ...
Surprising to see that this is indeed a national election and in this election, politics is definitely not necessarily local this time around (about 2/3 said national issues are more important than local issues). Another one that was something of a shocker is that many voters said that corruption (42%) in Washington is very important, leading terrorism (40%), the economy (39%) and then Iraq (37%). (This was not a pie-chart type of question as the numbers would obviously add up to more than 100%; it was about which issues are most important.)

Early on, Democrats had hoped to push a "culture of corruption" storyline for this election and on some levels they demonstrated some success, though I think if you asked many bloggers, it was a nice sideshow, but probably not the main event/juicy issue that could win the election for them. This polling seems to indicate that the corruption issue did resonate with the voters and that can only be a good thing for the Democrats.

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