Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Recently congressman Chris Shays (R-CT) made the claim that now that the Democrats have now won control of both houses of Congress, they now "own" Iraq as much as Bush does. When he says Dems own it, it means that Democrats must now share the blame with all that has gone wrong in Iraq. Forgetting for just one moment that the Democrats will not even take over control of the Congress until the beginning of next year, how exactly does Shays arrive at this conclusion? Was it not the Democratic Party who has demanded numerous investigations into various aspects of Iraq, from faulty intelligence, to a lack of an occupation plan, to the failure to properly equip our troops for combat? Wass it not the Democratic Party who has demanded that the GOP-controlled Congress excercise their Constitutionally mandated role of oversight of the executive branch? And was it not the Democratic Party that was rebuffed and ridiculed at every turn by the Bush administration and the GOP who never missed an opportunity to call us cut-and-runners and defeat-o-crats and not serious about the war on terror?
So, with all that, how exactly is the Democratic Party now in bed with Bush's Iraq debacle? Can we at least take a look at the car you claim we own before we get the bill for the repairs caused by Bush's reckless driving?

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