Tuesday, November 07, 2006



I'll be checking on some of the rightie bloggers throughout the evening to get a balanced look at things. Redstate has already called their first race (tongue planted firmly in cheek, I should add) as they called Florida for Ben Nelson:

Breaking with a long tradition of waiting for actual results, indications, or hints of either - RedState can conclusively say that Katherine Harris has lost her bid for election to the United States Senate. Congratulations to Democrat Bill Nelson for "earning" another term serving the people of Florida. And by "earning" we mean something that looks a lot like a a middling professional boxer beating the snot out of a seven year old with a limp.

Congratulations, Mrs. Dole.

How about that dig at NRSC chairman Elizabeth Dole? I hope she's wearing some of that body armor that isn't getting to our troops because she's gonna be taking quite a few shot tonight and tomorrow.

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