Monday, November 06, 2006



Following up on my previous post about GOP gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist who chose to stand up Mr. Bush during his visit to Pensacola today. Never mind that Bush made the trip specifically to campaign with Crist. Pay no mind that Bush made the trip at Crist's own request. See, Crist would rather spend his time courting moderate and independent voters, and at this point in his presidency, Bush is only even partially useful for rilingt up the base. Moderates and independents are no fans of Bush and Crist knows this. And since it is these same moderate and independent voters who will decide if Crist moves to Tallahassee.
One person who is more than a little miffed at being stiffed is none other than the mad genius himself Karl Rove. From CNN:

White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove expressed frustration Monday over Florida GOP gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist's decision not to appear with President Bush at a rally in Pensacola.

"Let's see how many people show up in Palm Beach on 24 hrs notice versus 8 or 9,000 people in Pensacola," Rove told CNN referring to a Crist rally quickly organized by the campaign after the GOP gubernatorial candidate canceled his appearance with the President.

Roves comments came even as even as other Senior White House administration officials tried to downplay the cancellation, noting Crist is campaigning in more moderate regions of the state as he tries to pick up independent voters on the final day of his campaign.

Awww, poor widdle Wove got his feewings awl stepped on. Poor widdle baby. Unfortunately for him, Rove is one of the few people still left on the planet who thinks his boss is money. Everyone else sees Bush for the albatross he is, yet Rove still lives in a world where the 30% base will go out and vote and all they need to do is scare enough independents and moderates to get to 51%. Unfortunately for him, this is a new world we live in where people aren't going to reflexively turn to the GOP just because Rove says 'boo'. Come tomorrow, a brave new world will dawn on America; it's a reality that will be completely foreign and wholly unwelcoming to Rove. Poor widdle Wove.

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