Friday, November 10, 2006



It's been a while since I've dipped my toe in the wacky pool that is Hugh Hewitt. But this uttering requires my utmost attention. In a recent column Hewitt spends several paragraphs flagellating any Republican within striking distance over the loss of both the House and the Senate this past week (though he does hold out hope of a Burns suprise in Montana; something that sadly (for him) did not come to pass). There is one passage, however, that almost made me toss my cookies (from Townhall via T-Bogg):
President Bush will not flag in the pursuit of the war, and Senator Santorum is now available for a seat on the SCOTUS should one become available.

Um... what? I have got to start reading Hewitt more often; the guy is a goldmine! Does he truly believe that Santorum would stand any chance at all of ever being a Supreme Court nominee, much less a confirmed member? A key component to any potential Supreme Court nominee these days is an ability to obfuscate one's actual views on a myriad of topics, so as to not "pre-judge" a case that the person might have to rule on one day. Santorum's views on any number of subjects is crystal clear, especially Roe v. Wade, the cause celebre of the right wing nation.

However, I did enjoy the turn of phrase Hewitt employed, "... Santorum now is available" afer losing his seat in the Senate. As if that's the only reason why Bush didn't turn to Ricky the last time there was a vacancy - because he already had a job.

One of the major reasons why it was so important for the Democrats to regain control of the Senate - so that Bush could no longer jam through these horrendous right-wing idealogues into our nation's courts, most especially the Highest Court. The days of stacking the Supreme Court with judges intent on overturning Roe v. Wade are past. But, like much of reality these days, Hewitt is having a difficult time accepting this new world order.

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