Tuesday, November 07, 2006



Bay Buchanan is on CNN right now and she is once again playing up the idea that Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker equals the fall of the republic. She sites a supposed instance where a Democrat actually came up to her as she campaigned for some candidate in Missouri where the Dem claimed that Nancy Pelosi is the main issue for him and he cannot vote for the Democrats because it would make Pelosi speaker.
On some many levels this is beyond preposterous. It's only Republicans who are touting the specter of the Pelosi-monster as a reason to vote for the incumbent party. No Dem is worried about this. And for Buchanan to present some made up story as proof that even Dems fear the "San Francisco liberal" is asinine.

How far the mighty GOP has fallen when they cannot run on their records, but must instead invent a boogeyman to scare voters into keeping their incompetent and power-drunk asses in office.

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