Saturday, November 25, 2006


Perhaps it's the copious amounts of eggnog I've ingested tonight while decorating the Christmas tree that have clouded my judgment, but I thought that I'd share this non-laughfest with my faithful readers (readers who will no doubt leave and never return after viewing the video below).

For those not aware, Fox News is planning a "conservative-centric" answer to The Daily Show called This Just In. I believe that it will fail and fail spectacularly. The beauty of The Daily Show is that it does not lampoon Republicans and conservatives exclusively; they do no shy away from smacking around a Democrat for saying or doing something boneheaded or hypocritical. And this is a point that conservatives and Fox News simply fail to understand. The Daily Show does not pander and curry favor with a particular political segment; the fact that a particular politcal segment finds them more humorous than others might is more a byproduct of intelligent satire and not necessarily a conscious effort to kiss ass. On the other hand, Fox News' sole reason for existing is to pander and curry favor with Republicans and the White House. Is it really that much of a stretch for a network that shills all things GOP might also attempt to put on an ostensibly comical program that would also pander and shill Republican talking points?

Anyway, the video below is more than likely representative of what a viewer to This Just In may be in for. The fairly illustrative of just how unfunny conservatives are, so without further ado, I bring you the stylings of The America Show:

If you were able to make it through the whole thing, bless you. If not, then you're smarter than I am. Either way, I beg the viewers' forgiveness for posting it. Now, forgive me while I go wash my brain out with ... well, whatever it'll take to make me forget about what I just viewed. Where the hell's my eggnog?!


breid said...

this would be alot better if i still did drugs, lots. i didn't watch it all. thanks for the warning. joe hick

Harold said...

Slightly better than a high school visual ed project.

your ol' buddy niki said...

Pain. Searing, hot pain. If I had to liken it to something, it would be having my eyeballs run through with tiny little swords. Seriously, I feel my brain has just be gang-raped by 3 angry female GOPundits. ugggghhh.

I used to think you only had give up your soul to be a republican. Apparently you also have to give up your sense of humor.

Marie said...

I don't think I've seen a woman embarassing her gender like that before. To see three of them doing it at once is beyond disturbing.