Saturday, November 04, 2006



[Kat spotted this earlier today and I thought I'd comment.]
Did you know that all the United States' pressing foreign policy issues have been dealt with? What, you didn't get that memo? Well, I assume that they must be since Condi Rice finds herself with enough time for campaigning this election season.
In what has almost always been a nonpartisan position, Secretary of State Rice has apparently slapped that tradition squarely in the face. From the Washington Post:

Two weeks before crucial midterm elections that could tip the balance of power in Congress, Rice has been on a media blitz that appears aimed mainly at conservative media outlets, particularly radio talk shows. Secretary of state is traditionally a nonpartisan position, and Rice's media itinerary differs sharply from the practice of her predecessors during election campaigns, according to State Department records.

Joe at Americablog sums it up nicely:

This is just another example of the Bush team putting politics over policy. Condi is campaigning instead of dealing with all the major problems created by her boss. They have no plan for Iraq, it's all just politics to the Bush team.

In just four days, we as a nation can begin to mitigate the extensive damage caused by this reckless and thoughtless administration. Let's do everything we can to make Bush start quacking right away.

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