Saturday, November 11, 2006


Here is a little game for the weekend. See if you can match the assinine statement with the ass:

1. "I don't think there's an ideological issue in this election at all."

2. "Is there anywhere you can find in this manure pile a pony for the Republicans?"

3. "One thing about these recounts, it is almost always an advantage to go in ahead."

4. "Men voting for Allen, that's football. Women voting for Webb, that's Iraq."

5. "It didn't help Sen. Santorum that his good buddy Joe Paterno [the Penn State football coach] has a broken leg and got hurt on Saturday. Maybe that was a precursor of what he's experienced."

6. Referring to the Harold Ford, Jr. campaign: "race is not an issue, despite the fact that you and other journalists have tried to inject it."

7. "Another victory for the Democrats, but not for the cause of liberalism."

8. "If Rick Santorum had been from the Redneck Riviera or Tennessee or Texas, he would have won going away tonight ... We are a nation divided by geography."

a) Bill Schneider
b) Chris Matthews
c) Brian Kilmeade
d) Joe Scarborough
e) Brit Hume
f) Freddie "The Beetle" Barnes
g) Bill Frist
h) Jeffrey Toobin

I'll publish the answer key tomorrow so you can check your media IQ. I'm sure it will surpass the IQ of the media.

If you can't wait, and want to see even more, go here.

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