Tuesday, November 07, 2006



Ken Mehlman was just on CNN and he gave the standard garbage answers to Wolf Blitzer. What stuck in my craw was when Wolf asked him about reports of GOP dirty tricks (as I've been keeping track of below) to which Mehlman recited a litany of disproven or demonstrably false claims of Democratic chicanery he claims occurred during the '04 election.

Of course, it is not like I would expect the Mehlman, as head of the Grand Lying Party, to own up to anything, so I probably would have fallen out of my chair in shock if he would have made any sort of mention of GOP chicanery. Still, for him to simply bloviate on and on about how voter fraud and suppression and intimidation is purely a Democratic tactic while the GOP is all about everyone who is eligible to vote getting to vote is quite simply sickening. Is there a special place in hell for this type of subhuman?

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