Saturday, November 11, 2006


Paul McLeary at CJR Daily has a (sadly) funny piece on the airheads, windbags, and downright gaseous so-called journalists one can find so easily on cable news. The comedic commentary stylings of Tucker Carlson an Chris Matthews are highlighted. Get this exchange between the two:

"CARLSON: The difference between East and West is the difference between America and Europe. Old and new. The newer states, the mountain West, for instance, California because it is a coastal state doesn't really count and neither does Oregon and neither does Washington.

MATTHEWS: Montana is hipper than California.

CARLSON: Colorado. I'm saying, it is actually less hip. But it is more -- that is the difference. The states that played out and decadent and depleted like Rhode Island ...

[further in the banter]

CARLSON: ... that is the difference. The old cultures versus the new culture.

MATTHEWS: The old cultures don't like this guy from Texas.

CARLSON: No, because they see him as radical and see him as religious. And that has always been the dividing line. People hate him because they see him as evangelical."

I mean, really, people. Who is more qualified to determine what is "hip" than Tucker and Matthews?

Just for starters, does anyone actually use the word "hip" anymore?

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