Wednesday, November 01, 2006



Man, I go away for a couple of days and I miss all kinds of good stuff. Let's see if I can't get some quick hits knocked out.
The first one that caught my eye was the assault on a liberal blogger as he attempted to ask Felix a question in regards to some issues involving his first wife. Apparently there's been some controversy as far as Felix's first marriage went as the marriage and subsequent split was less than amicable. Felix has been less than forthcoming about addressing his past, though in all honesty, I question whether any of this is even remotely relevant to this campaign season. (That being said, anything that makes Felix look bad puts a smile on my face.)
Getting back to the blogger, Mike Stark of Calling All Wingnuts attempted to ask Felix about a certain spitting incident and he was instantly tackled and forcibly removed from the premises by several Felix goons (Think Progress has some video).

What gets Felix the special mention today is his comment about the entire incident: "Things like that happen." Um, no they do not, Felix. Well, actually they do, as evidenced by what happened here, but this shouldn't be the way it goes down. Felix shouldn't be shielded from uncomfortable questions by stormtrooper goons who assault an innocent man. If you don't want to answer questions about spitting on your then-wife then perhaps you should avoid spitting on your then-wife in the first place. It's a rule I try to live by, but that's just me.

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