Friday, November 03, 2006



If you've been watching even a little bit of news today you know that it's all Ted Haggard all the time. As such, the righties are in various stages of spin mode, the most egregious of which is coming from Jerry Falwell, the toad of a man who says lovely things like gays , the ACLU and "abortionists" were to blame for 9/11 because we as a nation were being punished by God.

Anyway, now that the Haggard scandal is in full bloom, Falwell is going out of his way to distance himself from that sinner Haggard, even going so far as to outright lie (I know, huge shocker). Falwell claims to not knowing Haggard and having never even met the guy, which is a big fib since they were both in attendance as Bush signed the Partial Birth Abortion Act of 2003. Haggard bragged about being able to spend almost an hour with Bush in the Oval Office along with Falwell and other religious right luminaries. Having watched The West Wing religously for years I know that the Oval Office, while spacious, is not a room where nine people can't not happen to meet. What, was Falwell hiding behind a sofa or in the fireplace?

Next, Falwell claims that the Haggard's influence in the evangelical movement was negligible at best. As Silent Patriot at Crooks and Liars notes,

Although Haggard may not be a household name like Falwell, Dobson or Robertson, there's no doubt that he is a hugely influential figure in the religous right movement. It's laughable for Falwell to play down his influence when he was President of the largest evangelical organizaion in the America representing more than 30 million members.

For being such a God-fearing man, Falwell certainly does have a penchant for bearing false witness. Utlimately, Falwell is a dispicable human being who has long since abandoned the core tenets of Christianity. Much like Bush and his Republican ilk, his sole god is the acquisition of power. Any word to the contrary is the smokescreen of a sinner.

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Anonymous said...

Hye! Don't forget the pagans--Falwell included pagans as a cause of 9/11.