Thursday, November 02, 2006



This guy's story just gets more and more fun. I'm of course referring to the saga of soon-to-be ex-Representative Don Sherwood (R-PA). Let's see, where to start? Sherwood, a husband and father of three, likes to think of himself as one of those "family values" conservatives. And if by "family values" he means, cheating on his wife of many years with a woman almost 40 years his junior, then yes, he would most definitely qualify for the label of family values conservative.

Anyway, this woman, named Cynthia Ore, remains his mistress for about five years, but as with all good things, they inevitably come to an end and they decide to part company. And by decide I mean that Sherwood allegedly choked (I've heard throttled in some instances) the woman. From the AP:

According to a police report, Ore called 911 on her cell phone from the bathroom of Sherwood's Capitol Hill apartment in 2004 and reported that Sherwood had choked her while giving her a back rub.

Needless to say, and as these things usually do, Ore sued the family values conservative to the tune of 5.5 million dollars, which is definitely not bad work if one can get it. The case was eventually settled under a confidentiality agreement for about one tenth of that figure, which is still pretty good scratch though probably not as much as the woman deserved for sleeping with a slug like Sherwood for five years.

But wait, there's more. In an effort not to hurt his reelection chances as a family values conservative who cheats on his wife and family for many years and then throttles the mistress in question, the settlement is to be paid in installments. And half of the half a million was not to be paid until after the elections in four days, lest Ms. Ore lose a substantial portion if she were to speak of their tryst before the final payout (and presumably afterwards).

So, here we have yet another example of the hypocrisy of the conservative Republican universe. And the best part is, your buddy and mine, George Bush, campaigned for the adulterer/choker just a couple of weeks ago. Funny, but I haven't heard of any journalist asking Bush is he still supports Sherwood's candidacy for the House. What's not funny is I'm certain that Bush still does.

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